The Litigation Division provides clients with innovative approaches, experienced advocacy, and the substantive expertise necessary to handle a broad range of litigation needs. Our team has the capacity to deal with matters ranging from collection litigation, commercial disputes to construction lien litigation and beyond. We have the expertise to assist you in navigating your way through the complex civil courts system.

We offer prompt and personal attention to aggressively protect our clients’ economic interests in a range of legal disputes.

Our litigation partners will work with you to determine the best method for protecting your interests. We provide efficient legal services to achieve a cost-effective resolution of your case. When appropriate, we seek to resolve disputes through negotiation. When that is not possible, we stand ready to go to Court and litigate to achieve your goals.

We effectively meld trial strategy with business savvy to achieve the result that best serves our client’s interests.

Commercial Disputes

Many commercial disputes stem from a simple contract, the interpretation of which is, on the surface, “black & white”. Unfortunately, litigating a matter through to a final decision from the Court can be very time-consuming and costly. Why pay big-firm prices? Litman Law provides you with an ideal alternative.

The lawyers at Litman Law have the necessary experience to assist you in every phase of the litigation process. We approach every matter in a practical and business-oriented approach. Litman Law is determined to understand your business, the industry you work in and the particular challenges you face. We endeavor to minimize adversarial posturing, whenever possible, to encourage an early settlement in the interest of representing our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our litigation practice benefits from close ties to other Toronto and Ontario law firms whose lawyers we have teamed up with in order to achieve favourable results for our clients.

Construction Lien Actions

The Construction Lien Act is a unique piece of legislation intended to protect the rights of those who provide services in the construction industry and are not duly compensated.

Litman Law will assist you whether you are a contractor who was not paid or a landlord whose property has become the illegitimate target of a Lien. The lawyers at Litman Law have experience with the practical aspects of Construction Lien litigation, including appearing before Masters and Judges to obtain orders discharging/vacating Liens and dismissing Construction Lien actions.

We will provide you with an industry-based approach to your problem, taking into account the relevant legislation and caselaw. More importantly, we will navigate through any necessary litigation steps efficiently so your costs are kept to a minimum.