No Collection….No Charge!

The collection division at Litman Law has designed a system that credit managers can use as a far more professional alternative to a traditional collection agency.


Litman Law has created a system that has several advantages over traditional collection agencies.  Because of these advantages, our clients generally see an improvement in the success rate of collection and a corresponding decrease in what is spent collecting these accounts.

Below is a summary of our primary points of difference:

  1. No boundaries – Our collection division has no boundaries and is able to handle accounts worldwide.
  2. Always informed – Our clients are provided live access to our software, in order to review notes and transactions on all accounts assigned. Our clients can instantly enter a new account on-line as well. If preferred, our Client Development Consultants are always available to accept new account placements and answer update requests via email and fax.
  3. Free Pre-Collection program – A free and efficient 7 day Pre-Collection letter program. It should and can be used wisely. Please see our Pre-Collection heading to learn how.
  4. Maximize your return – We add your commission fees on to the assigned balance at the Direct Collection stage.  Traditional collection agencies are unable to ask for these costs.
  5. Expert advice – Our clients are assigned one specific collector, based on type of industry, ensuring a tight relationship and comfort that we understand your particular business.
  6. Timely payouts – Trust payouts are mailed to our clients bi-weekly.