Placing your account into Litman Law’s Pre-Collection route will give you the opportunity to consistently and effectively collect your receivables free of commission or charge.  The professionals at Litman Law will help guide your receivable department in the proper use of our Pre-Collection letter to maximize your use of this tool.

Below is a summary of how our Pre-Collection letter works:

  1. A Pre-Collection Letter account means:
    1. That our clients have chosen our free 7 day goodwill demand letter.
    2. Our clients will NOT be billed commission fees on amounts paid on or before the due date of the letter.
  2. The Pre-Collection letter is normally faxed to the debtor and a copy is always sent to our clients for their records, inclusive of the OK confirmation, ensuring that the fax has been received. However, our clients have the choice between fax, email or regular mail. A traditional collection agency will most likely only mail their Pre-Collection letter. When faxed or emailed, the debtor instantly receives our letter and is far more likely to send payment prior to the due date. You may contact your client development consultant to see a sample of our letter.
  3. The Pre-Collection Letter demands payment be sent directly to our client.
  4. There are no telephone calls made during the Pre-Collection Letter.
  5. By using this offer wisely and following a strict placement timeline, our clients have experienced great success in collecting debts earlier than other creditors that the debtor is in arrears with.
  6. The sooner our clients request a Pre-Collection Letter, the more likely they are to receive full payment without having to pay commission. Our clients become responsible to pay commission from the day after the letter becomes due.
  7. This letter is specifically designed to recover large balances without having to pay commission fees.
  8. The Pre-Collection Letter is only available on accounts under 150 days old.